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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery) by Joanne Fluke


Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery) by Joanne Fluke

While the rest of the residents try to keep cool in Minnesota’s Lake Eden, Hannah has to balance the summer heat with the heat from her own oven! When The Cookie Jar is contracted for a special job with someone who Hannah has some bad history with, she tries to work on being as professional as possible. The new building will bring lots of money to downtown Lake Eden. However, it gets to be hard as Dr. Deb gives Hannah a hard time.

During a special dinner to introduce the building to residents, the beloved secretary from the Sheriff’s office falls from the penthouse garden. While it isn’t a murder, Hannah pursues it as doggedly as an attempted murder. Then, when there IS a body found, Hannah is listed as the prime suspect in the murder. Hannah will need to clear her name AND solve both incidents promptly, before she has to spend a night in jail.

Who would read this: fans of the book or tv movie series, fans of dessert recipes, cozy fans.

Time to Read: 4 hours
Rating: 4/5 stars

Funny Story: I had a great time when i tried to put this book’s narrative in my head, it’s completely descriptive!

Final thoughts: This is a solid entry into the series, I’ve said it before, but i have enjoyed the intrigue and the idea that hannah was suspected for a short time.

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