Review:: Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Avery Hood is used to being an outcast. She lives out in the woods in a small, loving home. One horrible night, her parents are murdered, just minutes after she leaves the house to collect mushrooms. The only thing Ivy can remember from that night is silver.

Silver, like the eyes of Ben, the new guy in town with a mysterious background.

Avery digs into local folklore and learns there may be more to the local myths and childhood whispers about the close link between the wolves in the forest and the townspeople.  And then, Avery’s hair changes to a bright, shocking red. After she cuts it, her hair grows back quickly…and when she puts a few strands into her mouth, she tastes blood.

As Avery steps closer to solving the mystery of what happened to her parents that fateful night, she gets closer and closer to her own demise–someone wants her, someone is hunting her.

Ivy Devlin is the pen name of a popular teen YA author, and I really liked the direction she took this book. She made Avery a bit different, and kept her that way–it can be troubling in a YA book when the heroine changes or breaks due to the sheep/group mentality of high school. My favorite line in the whole book is:

‘Avery says “My parents taught me who I am and I’m glad they did.”

Devlin takes a few familiar archetypes and modernizes the. Avery is strong and stays true to herself, which is encouraging to teens who may be swayed by the pack mentality to mold into ‘the norms.’

I received this book through Traveling ARC tours, and you can check them out, too! It’s the first of many (I hope) book tours I will participate in. I give this book a 4.5/5 rating!

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