Review:: Annexed by Shannon Dogar

We all know the story of Anne Frank through her diary entries, but what if we could hear the ordeal through someone else’s eyes?

Enter author Shannon Dogar, who tells us the story through Peter’s eyes, using the Frank diary, recorded history and even some creative fiction. We find out through this three year recorded account (beginning in July of 1942) that Peter had feelings for a girl who was taken to one of the camps just before going into hiding.

The whole novel meshed well with my memories of The Diary of a Young Girl. I liked hearing about Peter’s side of things, as he was able to say things people may have been thinking of during a read of the original diary.

Annexed also goes into Peter’s time at the camps, where he spent a great deal of time with Otto Frank, Anne’s father. This young adult novel, scheduled publication by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October of this year is a thought provoking piece that reads well as a stand alone novel, or could even be a good companion piece for Diary of a Young Girl.

I received a review copy of this in ebook format to read on my Nook in exchange for my review.


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