Stage Kiss

Stage Kiss: Mountain Creek Drive #1 by MF Lorson

Erin and her friends met the first day of school, calling themselves the Backpack crew, owing to the fact they all rocked ‘the same Care Bears backpack.’ Now in their junior year, the four young ladies have developed their personalities, but are also all up for Homecoming Queen. Erin comes from a long line of Homecoming Queens in their small Colorado town of Marlowe Junction, so the pressure is on for her to win. She doesn’t feel like she has much chance to lose, as her best-friend-turned-boyfriend Nick is just as liked as she is and he IS on the football team. Their best-friend mothers have prepared them for this event. Nothing can go wrong. Or can it?

When one of Erin’s other best friends, Libby, and Nick corner Erin to tell her they are a couple, Erin is a bit shocked. Sure, she found them holding hands behind a few porta potties a few days ago, but she didn’t expect THIS. But as much as Erin is bothered by the fact she’ll be stag to the Homecoming dance (social suicide for a candidate), she’s also got committee meetings, play rehearsals and a LOT more to think about. When her beloved Grandfather has a stroke, her junior year comes to a shocking halt. Erin has to re-evaluate the important things, all the while her mom espousing the need for her to remain in the running for the title.

Erin decides to delegate what she can, and reorganize some things–enter Peter, tech guy extraordinaire.  While he may not be the most recognizable member of the student body, he’s able to help her devise a plan to get a great Homecoming date, get a little bit of distance between herself and her ex boyfriend and her friend (?)’s relationship while maintaining the crew’s status quo AND learning a bit about what it means to be in a supportive role (versus her normal spotlight).

Stage Kiss is the first book in the Mountain Creek Drive series. If this first book is any indication, the series sounds a lot like a winner. I felt like this had a similar feel to the Hundred Oaks series, but it taking place in 2002 was a great and awesome twist. I loved some of the nostalgia aspects of the book (who didn’t want to write ‘I love Captain Picard’ on their Trapper Keeper?) and felt like even though she was a few years younger than me, I could completely empathize with Erin’s plight. While I felt like Erin was very understanding, she did not turn into a Mary Sue–Erin remained, at all times, a well-written character.

I feel like there are a lot of stories possible in this series and I REALLY want to hear more about the Backpack Crew, as well as some of their non-crew classmates. I feel like this series has a lot of potential. And you probably will, too.

I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts are my own.

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