Hi all!
Apart from some kind of big news, I’ve decided to instead talk about my stats from the Storygraph for 2022. It was my first year as pro, and I didn’t dive as heavily as I would have, thanks to some personal stuff. But I want to support this site next year.

Storygraph ate a few books in my total (2) and I had to go through a few others, but I haven’t had the time. The stats are similar to what I thought it would be, so I don’t have a problem with that. I’ve made it a goal to read more romance in the last few years, but I still love contemporary fiction and mystery. I’m really surprised by reading more fantasy, as that has been one of my weakest genres (I’m more of a sci fi kind of gal).
I have a more complete drop down of all the genres I read this year. Whoa! This was a lot.I was happy to realize I got a lot more new to me authors in my TBR this year. It felt like I was reading a lot of the same authors to finish some series (thank you, Lucy Stone) and a few challenges where I was to read at least three titles by the same author. 

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