Spring 2016 Bloggiesta Sign Up Post

While I am at 44 books read for the year, none of the books I earmarked for last year are any of them.


However, I did get one or two books that I wanted to read, done. We have also solved the mystery of little to no internet in our Condo’s living room. We ended up putting another modem in, our original older modem with little range, and plugged it in directly via a long cord. A little ugly, but functional. I feel weird being able to watch Hulu and type on my laptop at the same time without needing wires or weird placements. And the corner that we had an internet dead zone in, is no more. Whoa. It’s like 2004 all over again!

I picked up Afterworlds, You’re a Badass and Exit, Pursued by a Bear. I want to finish these this week.  And work on my Bloggiesta goals. My biggest challenge, thus far, has been time. But, hopefully I can work less one or two days this week.
What are your goals this week? It’s monday, what are you reading?

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