The Dark Side of Reality – The Real Real

Jesse is an unassuming high schooler, doing her best to keep up with school, her job and her friends. She needs to work on college acceptance and possible scholarships. She’s good at keeping under the radar from some of the big drama at school. However, a documentary crew lands in her high school with lofty promises and even loftier realities. Jesse is plucked from one of the hundreds in her school, which hurts her best friend who was hoping to be on the show. But Jesse can’t quit–once she completes the filming, she will have a $40,000 college fund, which her family desperately needs.

Suddenly thrust into the spotlight, Jesse starts realizing that all that glitters is NOT gold. She is having to choose between the things she thought defined her and the scholarship money. Soon she looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize her own reflection beneath the sponsored makeup and the borrowed clothing. Is the hope of her future enough to make her forget her past? Read The Real Real to find out for sure!

Who would read this: Fans of reality tv from Mtv’s golden age (the hills, etc.)

Time to Read: 3 hours
Rating: 4/5

Funny Story: I’m fascinated by reality tv, if only so i can spot the obvious mishaps and plot points. the more ridiculous the better!

Final thoughts: I really enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I would love to get a look at more of jesse’s life.

Author: gothamgal

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