My Kindle Fire is 2 months old!

2 months ago, my nearly 4 year old Kindle died. It was rough for me, as I’d been reading like crazy on the device and had grown accustomed to the old Kindle (generation 2). It was bittersweet to get the new Kindle. First, yay for new devices. Second, it looks so pretty! It’s a smaller in the width, but it is taller vertically. It’s a little easier to hold with one hand, which is how I prefer to read.  I also love that most of my library came over with me, just needed to download the relevant titles. The Alexa app (for my night white noise) is a great thing, too! It is much more reliable than the one on my phone.

However, it’s also not been fantastic in a few ways. First, it’s taken me some time to grow accustomed and perfect the settings of the Kindle for reading purposes. I’ve been able to get most of the settings just right, but I’m still feeling like I don’t read as fast as I used to on the other kindle. It’s also a pain to find my docs and read those. I have to close out of almost everything just to get to the books that are sent to me. It’s weird that this is at its core a tablet–I’d like to erase reminders of that (like the unnecessary apps) as soon as possible, but it’s a bit prohibitive.

It’s still going to take some getting used to, I feel like I read less on the tablet than I had previously. The number reporting in my monthly stats will definitely help to confirm/question my hypothesis. More on that later.

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One thought on “Thoughts on Kindle Fire, 2 months in

  1. I bought my Kindle Fire earlier this year and absolutely love it! Wait – loved it until the new update that happened recently. I loved the “recent” tab (I think that’s what it was called – it’s already fading in my memory) because I could find some of my docs and open them up, then they’d show up there. So, even though (like you’re saying), books sent to you via email are off in la-la land, it was easier to find the ones that I was currently reading. Now that’s been replaced by some other tab that I don’t even use but can’t make go away.

    All in all, still really enjoy my Kindle Fire and hope yours is still working for you, too!

    Posted on September 21, 2017 at 11:49 am