I’m going to sign up for the Eclectic Reader Challenge, because let’s face it, I’m a pretty eclectic reader. This should be easy.

The rules are pretty simple–and I just have to satisfy the following categories from their challenge page. Here’s the rules from the site:


  1. Retellings (of fairytale, legends or myth)
  2.  A book set in a country starting with the letter S (eg. Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Slovakia)
  3.  PI Crime (fiction featuring a private investigator)
  4.  A novel published before you were born
  5. Contemporary romance
  6. Fiction for foodies (fiction featuring food/food related business)
  7. Microhistory (Non Fiction)
  8. Science Fiction set in space
  9. Sports (Fiction or Non fiction)
  10. Featuring diversity
  11. Epistolary Fiction (fiction written in the format of letters/emails/diary entries)
  12. Middle Grade/YA Adventure
      • Each time you read and review a book as part of this challenge, make sure you identify it by adding either a direct statement  and /or the challenge image badge to the post. If you tweet use the tag #eclecticreader or @bookdout
      • Share your review with other challenge participants by posting your name/blog name and title of the book with a direct link to your review in the Linky.

Author: gothamgal

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One thought on “:: 2015 Challenge :: The Eclectic Reader Challenge

  1. Hi, so glad you are choosing to join the Eclectic Reader Challenge in 2015. I’m looking forward to see what you are choose to read!

    Posted on December 11, 2014 at 3:23 pm