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31 Days of Awesome : Day Twenty – Nine

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Thursday, and it feels like it should already be Saturday. Today was rough, but I just took the setbacks at work in stride and did my best.
Like the coworker who got lauded for doing such a great job. However, said coworker ‘helped’ a caller today and basically did nothing. In fact, the caller stated as much when they got me on the line an hour later—the coworker said ’there is nothing I can do’. We are well on the way to getting the caller fixed up—I did spend an hour on it, and possibly would have only spent twenty minutes on it if coworker did their job, but that happens. I have seen how the coworker works, and I know steps were missed on a lot of the celebrated work done today.
And that’s fine. Because I have seen that no one cares. And why should they? Everyone has their own things that they are dealing with. And, to be honest, I’ve been a lot better since starting this project of just walking away at the end of the day. And walking away during the day from the anger or frustration.

Reading, blogging, writing…they help. Readers of my blog help, too. What awesome things would you like to see on my blog?

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