O Canada: Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill

Lullabies for Little Criminals

Baby is 12 and lives with her father, Jules, in Montreal. Jules and her mother had her when they were 15. In a lot of ways, they have grown up together. But Jules has a heroin problem and terrible lungs, so Baby is in and out of foster care with his hospital trips. As Baby grows up a little too fast,

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Dark Night of the Soul by Gary Reilly

Dark Night of the Soul

Brendan AKA Murph is a cab driver in Colorado. Having been a 14 year veteran of the cab company to support his 4 day a week Gilligan’s Island/writing habit, he’s seen most of what goes on. But one day, everything piles up. First, a little old lady with a hundred dollar bill tries to pay him in pennies. He has to cash a check he was given as payment and ends up picking up a bank robber (unwittingly) and drops him off.

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deliver her

Meg Carmody finds drugs in a pillow after leaving her daughter home… While it may have been one of the people AT the party her daughter threw, Meg doesn’t want to take chances–Alex is not the child she was a year ago. This was before her sweet sixteen party, when Alex’s best friend Cass is killed and Alex survives a car ride. Alex won’t talk to therapists and just immerses herself in non-Alex activities like partying.

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It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday because we had that awesome 3 day weekend.

I want more weekends/weeks like that, I think.

Anyway, it’s time to talk about what I am reading on this glorious day… Here’s a sample of what I’m reading.


The Love of the Last Tycoon is an authorized text of part of the short story I read a log time ago–it started as a serial and F Scott Fitzgerald passed away before he could finish it.

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Back to the 80s: A Review of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Back to the 80s: A Review of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I love the 80s. I grew up during them, and so they have a special place in my heart. And, when I can read something that holds the same reverence to my beloved decade, I am super excited. That’s why I was so into this book, because it takes readers Back to the 80s: A Review of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Having read his Armada,

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Spring 2016 Bloggiesta Sign Up Post

Bloggiesta Update

I am updating a few of my goals, despite it not being officially the 21st. My Bloggiesta Update

For my Bloggiesta, I am doing the following this week:
Cleaning up files on my computer (I am at just under 15 gb of free space on my hard drive–eek!). With a hard push, I am at a little over 50gb. My computer is running a bit faster,

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