Dear Sophie,

As someone who has spent many years amassing knowledge about so many things, I’m stuck when it comes to working for someone else. My resume is crazy, but I hit the ground running and rock any job. I’ve been put in situations, handling them with professionalism and grace, that cause others to freak out. Despite this, I have realized my job is not a career.

At my current job,

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Take Care of YOU with Maven

Life is stressful, and I think modern life can make it that way. We multitask and commit ourselves to over-committing and then at the end of the day we fall into sleep, for less time than we really need, only to wake up and do it all over again. It’s a cycle that can require copious amounts of self-care. Due to the changing face of insurance and healthcare right now,

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Free Mixed Media Workshop with Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport, a mixed media artist I have admired for a while, is having a free mixed media workshop to showcase her collaboration with American Crafts, sold at Michaels. How cool is that? I saw the collection at the Michael’s store, thanks to a Facebook group and proceeded to go with my ever suffering husband (he’s posing with Meowth) and got some supplies.

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AlwaysReiding_Pop Vinyl

Pop Vinyl: The Dark Side of Pop Culture

It’s time to talk about a dark side of fandom and collecting–Funko’s Pop Vinyl. They’re cute little vinyl dolls you see in any major store (and now they are even EXCLUSIVE, depending on the store) and feature some of pop culture’s darlings. They also have subscription boxes and exclusive tie-ins with products.

One of the first Pop Vinyls I ever saw was this one:


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(Geeky) Christmas Trees on ParadeChristmas Trees on Parade

It’s that time of the year–Christmas! Before you start asking yourself how in the world it got to be December already, it’s time to invite you to a really cool concept–a Christmas Tree on Parade blog tour. Hosted by the amazing Terri of the blog Christmas Tree Lane (by the way, isn’t that the best blog name to host a Christmas tree tour?), it’s a fun place to show off your tree!

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Confession: I’m pretty stuck in my music choices. I don’t listen to a lot of new music much, unless it’s on the limited time I have during my daily commute–which doesn’t always happen.

So I signed up for a music service (this is not an ad for them, so I am not saying anything as of yet) for a really great deal. Note: I doubt I am going to stay with it after the 3 month trial is up,

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