Reading Goals for July

I need some reading goals this month, and what a busy month it is.

After being indisposed since the beginning of January (more on that later), I’m finally ready to start a new chapter.
But first, floors. And maybe paints. And maybe, um, furniture?

I have one book club on hiatus this month, so I’ll be reading Single White Vampire on my own.
Next book club, we’ll have to figure out when we want to read and discuss Catwoman: Lonely City.
Finally at the end of the month, my other book club is reading Stiff. No offense to Mary Roach, but I really have the worst time with this book.

As shown, I didn’t pick a BOTM pick, so I’m thinking that I’ll just pick a previous month and try to read it.
I got a few fourth of July books and I want to read those, too. Just to find some time, I guess.

What are you reading this month?

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