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This week, GothamGal is talking about one of her favorite comic franchises, that includes one of her favorite types of story. It’s a LOT of fun!


Fans of Fables have been pulling for Snow White and Bigby (The Big Bad Wolf) to get back together ever since the two were separated and the Adversary had his minions march to war on the residents of Fabletown. The eighth graphic novel in the Fables series gathers issues 48-51 of the award-winning series and pulls together the elements of a great story and an epic love story.

I’m totally down for Snow and Bigby. They’re great together, but because their septuplet’s cannot ‘pass’ as human, they are living at the farm—the ONE place Bigby is not allowed to go, due to his reputation (and the fact many of the animals are afraid of him). So Snow sends their invisible seventh child to search for him, as Mowgli is also sent as an agent of Fabletown to find the Big Bad Wolf. Bigby’s Dad, Mr North (the North Wind) is with Snow and the children, but gets called away, due to the rules and regulations of living at the Farm.

Mowgli finds Bigby, living with a woman, and persuades him to come home to Snow. AFTER performing a very important mission. Bigby goes on the mission up a beanstock. He will be meeting big and small fairy tale folk on the mission and he has requested no one speak of his return until he finishes (and survives the mission). Will Bigby be able to perform a mission, or will he be lost to Snow forever?

This is, to date, one of my favorite collections of Fables. The art and stories are perfectly on point, and the tales that are told are wonderful. I love everything about this collection, even the way they handle the invisible cub. So much of Bigby’s path in this book seems like something ripped from Logan (aka Wolverine)—but with the ending he so desperately deserved.

I’m sure many other bumps in the road will appear for the most awesome couple in Fabletown, but it is just so refreshing to read a really great story that doesn’t make you feel bad about good things happening. It is completely awesome. And, with the graphic novel comes a great Cinderella story AND some extras (two maps AND a script).

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