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Reality Ends Here by Allison Gaylin

Reality Ends Here by Allison Gaylin

Estella is best known as the big sister of the sextuplets you see each week on Seven is Heaven. While she balances teen life and reality stardom, she is a bigger fan of being a good sister off-camera and reading the myriad of books she has in her room. When a ghost from the past manifests itself on the set, in the form of a mysterious package, Estella gets blamed for it.

While Estella is given a daily dose of group therapy for ‘problem child stars’ as punishment, it opens up a lot of questions Estella needs to answer. And when a paparazzi starts to get her asking questions of her own, she realizes that there are things about her life that she really needs to know–and she’s not going to sit idly by and let them go. Armed with knowledge, a former child star, and a teen heart-throb, Estella sets off to learn the truth about her father and the LAW…

I love reality tv. While I know much of the reality isn’t really real, I like to read books about the concept. I feel like at some point we really are going to be used as an object lesson to future generations (and species!)–just like in the Orville. I also really like that the author seems to know her stuff when it comes to reality tv, and to a compelling heroine that the reader is interested in getting to know better. I really enjoyed this book, and I am happy it is my 9th book of 2018! I cannot wait to read more–hopefully about Estella.

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