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Silk – A Better Spider Person


Silk – A Better Spider Person

Cindy Moon is the second victim of the spider that bit Peter Parker (whose radioactivity set up events and changed the very fabric of the teens DNA). She works tirelessly to find her family, a family that was taken from her after she left the bunker she’d been in for a decade.
While searching, she’s had to make friends with Black Cat–the Marvel mastermind who has a whole crew that seems to hate Silk. And, some of the same villains of Parker’s happen to be Silk’s enemies. Silk is going to have to fight with Spiderman AND tangle on her own with the Goblin King in order to continue her quest… Soon, she’s not sure who are her enemies. Or her friends.
Does she really have either?

I’m not a Spider-fan, but this was a nice storyline and I felt like the character was a bit more interesting than the somewhat pedestrian Parker. Cindy is so awesome, and I cannot wait to read more.

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