Each week, Bookish Things and More posts a theme about songs you might be singing along with on Saturday, as it is the most dancey day of the week. And, because it is a lot of fun, I am doing just that–so hear me sing along. Be sure to check out the site and submit yours today!

Today’s Prompt: Favorite song you’ve seen performed live

A couple of years ago, this happened:


Seeing Fleetwood Mac when they came to the Forum was a dream come true. And it was a great opportunity to see them all together and introduce my husband to the band. Before we went, he couldn’t name a song from them. While at the concert, he recognized a few songs. However, my favorite moment was after this song, when my classical-music-trained husband stood up and clapped. It made my day, as Buckingham’s style is one of my favorite aspects of the whole band. Take a listen.

What has been your favorite song performed live? Share in the comments below.

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