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Summer Mini Bloggiesta Signup Post

Summer Mini Bloggiesta Signup Post

It’s that time again–Summer mini Bloggiesta!

What is Bloggiesta? Here’s some information about the event from the Bloggiesta site:

It’s a Summer Mini Bloggiesta! Time to get some stuff done so we can enjoy the summer months.

The Event starts on June 22nd – 24th. If you’d like to participate  just write up a To Do List, post it on your blog , then come back here and link it up!

According to tradition, the mini Bloggiesta is very basic. Take the weekend to do some every day blog maintenance and catch up. Ideas for a basic to do list can be found at this link. You are welcome to copy it and use it however you see fit.

Don’t forget the hashtag. Lets keep in touch make sure to use #bloggiesta to let us know your progress or ask a questions. Need help with something you can always ask on twitter. Want more way to interact? Definitely join the Facebook Group and start a discussion. We would love to get some great interaction in there all year round and not just during the event.

Do you have Twitter? We will be doing three twitter parties all hosted by Michelle and Berls. Just follow the hashtag #Bloggiesta to join up.

  • Friday June 22 at 7pm est
  • Saturday June 23 at 12pm est
  • Sunday June 24th at 4pm est

If you are interested in doing a mini challenge let us know by DMing one of us on Twitter. @Limbean74 or @BerlsS. We can work out all the details and link you up on the start post. If you can’t do one this time, no worries but don’t forget to check out some of our past Mini Challenges that you may have missed during previous events. There are so many, I’m sure you will find something that you can use!

And despite having a burgeoning schedule of my own, I’ve decided there are some things I just really need to do. So I intend to:

  • Update Goodreads
  • Update my reading challenges
  • Write at least 5 reviews
  • Participate in at least 1 twitter chat
  • Check site and confirm posted reviews match up with confirmed dates (I recently changed my blog template, so I’m still moving in!).
  • Work on getting more friends on Litsy

How about you? Are you participating in Bloggiesta?

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  1. Tizzy Brown

    June 21, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I’m planning on updating my reading challenges too. What do you think of Litsy? Does it offer anything extra that Goodreads doesn’t? Good luck with your Bloggiesta goals!

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