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The End is in Sight? Kelly Armstrong’s Waking the Witch

The End is in Sight? Kelly Armstrong’s Waking the Witch

When I found Kelly Armstrong’s Otherworld series, I immediately delved head first without a second thought. I loved the story of Elena, the female werewolf. From there, I met more characters, including Eve and Jamie and so many more. The series has definitely been a favorite (both as a bookseller and as a reader), and I held off a lot when I heard the series stopped with Waking the Witch. I tried reading it a few times throughout the years, but never could find a foothold, so I stopped entirely. Overdrive showed it was recently available and I took advantage of it in ebook form.

Savannah is the daughter of a witch and a demon, and making her way through a family detective business. She gets a case all her own and ends up investigating a small town with a series of disturbing murders. They are staged to look paranormal. As Savannah works her way through town residents, and a commune of women led by a charismatic man. When her partner ends up dead, Savannah realizes that the forces at work might be supernatural or malevolent–she will need to find the killer before the killer finds her.

Again, I love Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld work. However, I am seriously bummed that it is the end of the series. Especially since it was so unexpected. Armstrong is working on a few other series, which is great, but I’d really like a wrap up sort of story for the Otherworld. I think it is so beloved it deserves it.

Who would read thisFans of the Otherworld series, those who enjoy paranormal stories or mysteries featuring a strong young woman.

Time to Read: I read this in about 5 hours. I kept getting interrupted.
Rating3.5/5 stars–mostly because I didn’t get closure for the series like I was expecting, LOL.

Funny StoryI wasn’t a huge fan of the witch/demon stories back in the beginning of the series, but I love it now!

Final thoughtsSolid read for fans of the series, or a standalone read for fans of the genre.

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