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Blackberry Pie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)


Blackberry Pie Murder (A Hannah Swenson Mystery)

The small town baker famous for her cookies finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation–as the murderer! She hits a stranger with her car on her way home in a storm. Hannah even ends up in the jail for a weekend. But once more information is gathered, she is released and starts working to clear her name by doing the second thing that comes natural to her–investigation.
As she tries to clear her name and research who the stranger is, she finds herself thrust into her most important investigation yet.

I really enjoyed this installment of Hannah Swenson’s story. It was cool to finally see that she was sweating a little bit. She was surprisingly calm and I felt like I connected with her a little bit more than previous stories. It’s not enough that she solves everyone’s crimes–when she solves a crime to clear her own name there’s a sort of importance. It was good to see Hannah under pressure.

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