December2015_AlwaysReiding Can you tell where I went today?

Yes, that’s right–DISNEYLAND.

I so needed this. And, this year, despite the crowds, I took a look at the Christmas Parade (my favorite parade of the year–the ONLY one I am known to wait for on my own).

And, I’m taking a look at some of the pictures I took today. Editing on the day of an event can be awesome–especially if you are prepared. Using the brushes I got from Ali Edwards’ Storytelling with December Daily class, I am quickly able to add elements that may be helpful for memory-keeping later. Now, I have a record that the picture was taken in December 2015. This year, Santa said ‘Merry Christmas’ in a bunch of different languages, which was super cool.

Dec_fog_alwaysreiding This was how foggy it was tonight, but it was much worse as you got away from lights. Just after some of the fireworks went off–driving home was pretty crazy, too. The marine layer here in Southern California is funny. And, with some of the freeways not having lights, there was visibility that was about two feet in front of my car. Now, I drove the speed limit, unless I saw lights, but there were definitely some crazies out, late at night, that were going 80 without being able to see in front of their headlights, either! With the marine layer came in a little bit of cold, which is such a nice change from the 80 degree weather.

This is my first December Daily, but what I am really finding is just how easy it has been to stay on top of this and memorialize the month. I don’t forsee every day having a photo and that is okay. However, I’ve loved what I have been doing and really being ‘in’ the moment… Living in the moment and recording the memories are so right for me right now.

Are you doing anything to memorialize your December? Please share in the comments below!

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