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The Date Maker: A Disastrous Dates Prequel by Kayla Tirrell


The Date Maker: A Disastrous Dates Prequel by Kayla Tirrell

Morgan has had great luck setting people up in the past–she definitely has a knack for matchmaking. But college is expensive, and despite her busy class schedule and part-time work at the local coffee shop, she is unable to pay for car maintenance and other surprise expenses that pop up. Her matchmaking skills will hopefully provide a steady income stream that will allow her to rest a little easier in the form of The Date Maker.

The Date Maker is an extremely customized service, involving a lot of research and personalization. And while it’s a bit expensive, people at their exclusive college can definitely afford it. In order to attract clients, Morgan runs a contest for a $100 gift card to the coffee shop where she works. Additionally, she runs a promotional price. And suddenly, Morgan has about 50 clients, twice as many women as men–it’s a lot of work, but she’s putting in the hours and getting things done. That is, until someone name Declan tells her he doesn’t need to pay to get laid, and she’d be prettier if she smiled more.

Suddenly, Morgan is thinking about her own life, and with more than a passing attraction to her client, she will have to make some tough choices on the business front AND on the personal front.

Kayla Tirrell does a great job of making this book a fun, flirty and believable story. The characters (save one) are pretty likable, and there are no plot holes that other new adult/ya might sometimes fall into during the course of the story. Without spoiling anything, I can honestly say that I’m really excited to read next book in the series (it releases later this month).

I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for my thoughts. However, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited right now, or can be purchased on release day (TODAY) for under $1 (if you click this link, it will not charge you anything additional, but it will say you found the link here).

This is a sweet, fun introduction to a series that is sure to stick with you for a while.


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